Detention Rethought

Thinking outside the box…

2 high schools in Ohio are rethinking how to discipline their students. Principal Jack Hatert of Yellow Springs High states that being held against one’s will in a room for a lengthy amount of time doesn’t promote person thought patterns that lead to changes in behavior.

So, they’ve devised an alternative after-school detention option. They’ve decided on giving students the option to take a mindfulness practice led by an expert. These sessions look like time focusing on stillness, being in the moment, and calming their emotions.

Not only are they offering mindfulness classes, Yellow Springs High is offering yoga classes in the library from a certified yoga instructor.

Q: Why does everyone love yoga teachers?

A: They bend over backwards for you.

But Yellow Springs, Ohio is not the only town to feature meditation, mindfulness classes, or yoga as a potential game-changer for their students.

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