A Mysterious Gift

All across the nation we’ve heard of remarkable acts of kindness throughout the COVID-19 Crisis. We are here to share one that brightened our day and surely brightened the lives of the citizens in a town of Iowa.

Their wish they didn’t even know they had came true!

In the middle of quarantine an anonymous donor blessed each resident in Earlham, Iowa with $150 gift card credit for food. They received this surprise in the mail. Can you imagine when you learned it was every person in your neighborhood?!

Q: Why do the French eat snails?

A: They don’t like fast food.

Apparently, the anonymous donor was going to originally give 100 gifts for then raised it to 200, 300, then 500. The mayor of Earlham, Jeff Lillie explained that’s nearly the entire household count. The household count is 549 so 549 homes received the gift of food during a very difficult time.

Not only did citizens regain a sense of hope; the restaurants the donor chose each received more than $27,000. Wow!

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