A man’s best friend.

We all know this motto but here’s an inspiring story you may not know.

Husky saves a village in Alaska.

A dangerous, severe epidemic hit a town called Nome in Alaska. The only hope to receive medical supplies was through the huskies. One specific dog, Balto, led a tribe of dogs for a month-long journey to retrieve supplies. They traveled 674 miles in terrible, blizzard conditions. The husky dog tribe was amazingly successful and saved the perishing town of Nome.

What a legend!

Story about a Husky that saved a whole town. Uplifting dog stories. Dogs that save lives. Visit daily for good news, uplifting articles and videos, daily encouragement, and ideas to spread kindness. Shop candles and products that are handmade with love!

I asked my dog last night what he was doing outside the house. He told me that he couldn’t find his hus-key (house key).

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