Let’s Do This!

Hi friend. Here to come alongside you as we prepare for our Virtual 5k this Saturday May 30th.


The mission of this run is to raise awareness for the crime of sex trafficking, specifically through the organization Love Justice International. You’re efforts are seen and are making a difference.


It would help the cause greatly if you choose to share your run on any social media platform.

Tag @lovejusticeintl. and @continuegoodco and use the hashtag #RunForFreedom5k

We will be sharing on our platforms and with your permission, would love to tag you! Let us know here if you don’t want us to tag you.


Here are some friendly tips for the 5k!

Use any of these resources to map your course!

  1. All Trails
  2. Google My Maps
  3. Plot a Route

Here are some great apps to download for tracking your distance, speed, and other helpful data.

  1. Runkeeper
  2. Nike Run Club
  3. PumaTrac

Don’t forget to have fun, smile, know you’re making a difference, and when it gets hard keep your head up!

Running is not about how far you go, but how far you’ve come.

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